OOO Factory Specmach will participate in international aerospace salon Maks-2017

ООО ”Factory SpecMach” will participate in international aerospace salon ”MAKS-2017”, which will take place from 18 to 23 July, 2017 in Zhukovsky city in Moscow region.

The goal of participation in ”MAKS-2017” are:

  • formation at potential customers a certain level knowledge on the development and essentially of enterprise, its potential abilities on creating and batch production of modern means of the new generation and in import substitution programme aircraft ground-support ;
  • development of enterprise strategy based on marketing research of aircraft and weapon market;
  • setting of multi-level co-locations, further development of industrial cooperation, search of new partners for their business;
  • introduction with first-hand personal views, making decisions on key issues of development, production and sale of aircraft and weapons.

Within ”MAKS-2017” ООО ”Factory SpecMach” there are some well-known examples of their batch production:

  • Unified gas-discharge plant UGZS.M-KR ias intended for charging onboard aircraft systems medical oxygen.
  • Hydraulic jack 8АТ-9907-00 for helicopter Ми-8 is intended for ascending helicopter in assembly and disassembly of chassis shock absorber struts, their charge, helicopter rigging.
  • Tow bar 8АТ-9800-000 is intended for helicopter towing of type Ми-8.
  • Reciprocating diphragm-type compressor МК 120-120/350

For the first time for a large audience our enterprise will demonstrate this product of own manufacture in import substituion programme, intended for increasing gas pressure from 35 kgf/sm2 to 350 kgf/sm2, of the performance not less than 85 m3/h.

Exhibiton visitors can see product of company’s own manufacture, having passed positive operation test in conditions of real military use (developed and manufactured in public and other contracts for the supply).

  • Ground mobile electric unit APA-5DM-100 is the latest version of modern modification APA-5DM, not having analogues in our country and abroad, has a unique power 100 kVt (compare to APA-5DM — 60 kVt). Application of non-serviceable generator BGCh100-32U2, modern element base, progressive essential electrical scheme, metabolic construction, preservation of habitual management and technical image, compatibility with all aircrafts of soviet and Russian production make APA-5DM-100 extremely promising air complex for aircraft ground-support, including aviation of 5th generation. There is a certificate conformity from 28.08.2015 at its serial production. Only in 2015 customers got more than 10 electric units APA-5DM-100. Their operating experience is consolidated.
  • Universal mobile hydraulic plant UPG-300М is intended for ground-support of aircraft hydro systems with working fluid AMG-10 nominal pressures to 350 kgf/sm2. As an auxiliary power unit the engine ЯМЗ is used. UPG-300М is a mobile model of subsequent development ООО ”Factory SpecMach” UPG-350SM, error in engineering in 2017. In 2016 UPG-300M was manufactured and placed in one of the leading russian air entities, where was recommended itseld from positive side. Construction solutions and operating experience of UPG-300М are used in UPG-350SM.

One more development of ООО ”Factory SpecMach” represents considerable attention:

  • reciprocating gas compressor KGD-400 is intended for refilling with medical oxygen, inert gases, high purity helium and their mixtures with oxygen cylinders and gas compressing in cylinders in the way of injection and further compression to pressure 400 kgf/sm2.