Unified engine heater UMP-350-131

Unified engine heater UMP-350-131 is located on a track chassis Ural-43206. It is intended for heating aircraft engine with hot air, heating cabins of aircrafts and helicopters at temperature of ambient air from +10°С to -55°С. The unit works at the height up to 2000 m above sea level and at relative humidity no more than 98%.

Construction of engine heater allows:

  • pass ambient air, preheated up to +80°С ÷ +115°С, at a speed up to 25 m/s;
  • perform heating with hot air of 4 aircrafts engines simultaneously and heat cabins of heavy aircrafts;
  • heat other objects with air, preheated up to + 50°С ÷ +75°С.

In summer ventilating fan is used without turning on preheater for venting cabins of aircrafts and other objects.