System of aviation line maintenance is intended for diagnosis and maintenance of typical combat and operational damages of various type aircrafts elements, at transportable and stationary use cases. Works under way must be conducted in the volume, allowable operational and maintenance documentation on aircraft under troop circumstances. The system includes four laboratories:

Designation of laboratory

Designation of main design document

ACP code




SLM-NIT 58981-0000010


SLM-PB 58981-0000010-01


SLM-EKP 8862-0000010


SLM-PLC 8862-0000010-01


SLM-NIT – ystem of line maintenance for defecating and control of executed works quality with use of non-destructive inspection techniques. Checkout gear, devices and measuring equipment of laboratory provide detection of defects, diagnosis and regeneration quality control with use of the following non-destructive assay techniques:
  • optical-visual;
  • magnetic-particle;
  • vortex-current;
  • liquid penetrant testing;
  • ultrasonic;
  • impedance (acoustic)
SLM-PB – system of line maintenance of rotor system elements (propellers and blades) AF. Maintenance equipment, instrument and gears of laboratory provide conducting the following types of work:
  • disassembly-assembly, as well as on high volcanic aggregate and nodes of AF (blades, propellers and so on.);
  • removal of damaged elements of structure and separate compartments;
  • preparation and storage of ground, slops, glues, sealers and filling pastes;
  • riveting;
  • glue and painting works;
  • metalwork-electrical works;
  • vertification of de-icing systems and longeron damage alarm system;
  • longitudinal balance of propeller carrying blades and balance of tail propeller of helicopter.
SLM-EKP – for maintenance of nonbearing elements of frame construction, pipelines, actuating rod, cable circuit and so on. Maintenance equipment, instrument and gears provide conducting the following types of work:
  • disassembly-assembly;
  • turn-mill;
  • metal-metalwork;
  • non-metal-metalwork, as well as compositional materials;
  • drilling;
  • riveting;
  • sheet metal;
  • arc and plasma-arc welding and cutting of black and color metals;
  • cable-rope;
  • expander;
  • leakage test of pipelines pneuma- and hydro-systems;
  • press-pipe bending.
SLM-PLC – system of line maintenance for restoration of paint, laquer and stealth technology coating and vitrification. Maintenance equipment, instrument and gears provide conducting the following types of work:
  • preparation and storage of ground, slops and enamels;
  • preparation and storage of stealth technology coating;
  • painting works;
  • vitrification metalwork;
  • vulcanizing-glue;
  • grinded and polished;
  • maintenance of inboard electricity and intrablock assebling cables.
Production facilities of System are placed in two vehicle van bodies K4.5350 on chassis KAMAZ 5350 (laboratories SLM-NIT and SLM-PB) and two KP8 on trailer-chassis ChMZAP-8335.3 (laboratories SLM-EKP and SLM-PLC), as well as System set includes two quick-mounting heat tents.