Unified gas-discharge station UGZS.M-KR (-AR; -VR) 

Unified gas-discharge station UGZS is intended for charging hardware systems with medical oxygen, nitrogen or air.

Depending on kind of gas, for running on which the station is prepared, marking is established:

  • UGZS.M-AR – for running at nitrogen gas;
  • UGZS.M-VR – for running at air;
  • UGZS.M-KR – for running at gaseous medical oxygen.

Equipment of station allows carrying out the following works:

  • charge of station from the inner source of compressed gas;
  • charge of hardware systems by station cylinders bypass and with the help of compressor;
  • gas pumping from station's one cylinder to the other.

UGZS station is serviced by two specialists: vehicle driver and operator-specialist, having passed special training.

Station is not intended for operation in explosive environment.


Denomination of parameterValue
Electrical unit baseVehicle URAL-4320 (URAL-43206)

Productivity of station at ambient air temperature +20оС and pressure 760 mm Hg.m., gas pressure compressor inlet 12,0 MPa (120 kgf/sm2) and rotating frequency of compressor shaft 8,33-1(500 rev/min), nm3/h, no more

а) when running at fluid PET

b) when running at oil MS-8



Working pressure of issued gas, MPa (kgf/sm2)

0,1 to 0,55



35,0±1,0 (350±10)

Issued gas temperature ambient air temperature +50оС, оС, no more+70
Working gas

Medical oxygen

(special nytrogen or air)

Ambient air temperature, at which station work is guaranteed, оСFrom minus 40 to +50
Quantity of cylinders in station, piece18
Volume of one cylinder, m3 (l)0,04 (40)
Compressor type, placed in station UGZSМК120-120/350
Compressor driveFrom vehicle's engine by device of additional power takeoff, placed on transfer gearbox, and cardan shaft
Power, absorbed by compressor, kVt, no more12

Compressor working fluid:

а) at oxygen use

b) at nitrogen or air use

PET70/60 or PET70/110

oil MS-8p or MS-8RK

Working fluid volume in compressor crankcase, m3 (l)0,0115 (11,5)

Supply of working gas in station cylinders at temperature 200С and pressure 760 mm. Hg. m. At pressures, m3

а) 35,0 Mpa (350 kgf/sm2)

b) 23,0 Mpa (230 kgf/sm2)

c) 15,0 Mpa (150 kgf/sm2)




Power supply of lighting and alarmFrom electric mains chassis

Dimensions, mm, no more

- length

- width

- vehicle cabin height

- body height

7 470

2 460

2 760

2 510

Full mass of filled station (3 people in the cabin), kg, no more:

on base URAL-4320

on base URAL-43206

10 725

10 300

Estimated fuel consumption on 100 km way, l, no more

on base URAL-4320

on base URAL-43206



Estimated fuel consumption on 1 motor hour, l, no more14

Deployment time from stowed position to working, min:

- in summer time

- in winter time



Curtailment time from working position to stowed, min20
Fit in r/w dimensionFits in r/w dimension 02-VM
Specified operating time, h300
Resource of station, h15000
Assigned liftime, year12