Self-propelled platform plant APA-15M is intended for transportation operators in the area with tools and materials within service zone, as well as for technical works, scheduled maintenance and shrouding of high-located parts of flying machines.
APA-15M provides carrying out the following operations:
  • rise and fall of two operators in cradles with tools and materials of weight up to 100 kg;
  • spin of turning part with cradles, left from transport position to 3500 angle.
Denomination parameter Value
Carrying capacity, kg 300
Lifting working height , m 14,5
Flight, m Maximum minimum 12,6 1,0
Base, m 3,525+1,4
Wheel track, m front back 2,02 2,02
Minimum turning radius, m 10,8
Reference circuit, m longitudinal transverse 4,225 2,02 – in front 2,96 – at back
Cradle flight time at the greatest height, s 240±10
Maximum frequency of spin of turning part, s-1 (rev/min) 0,046 (2,8)
Turning angle, degrees 330
Turning angle in case of emergency, degrees 350
Management place On the right cradle and on the left side of column
Way of managing (electrical, hydraulic and etc.) Remote, electrohydraulic
Elevator weight, kg 12130
ass distribution on axle in travelling position, Н: front back 42500 78800
Dimensions in travelling position, m: length width height 7,95 2,96 3,87
Norm of diesel fuel constumption to the work of special service SPS-15М, l/h 10
Environment, where elevator can work: temperature of working state, 0С: highest lowest temperature of non-working state, 0С: highest lowest realtive air humidity, % explosiveness fire hazard + 40 minus 40   + 50 minus 50 95±3 explosive fire hazard
Allowable wind speed of 10 m for working state of elevator, m/s 10
Assigned liftime, year 15
Assigned liftime before interim overhaul, year 7
Assigned liftime before overhaul, year 12
Assigned storage limit (with annual reconservation), year 5