Reciprocating diaphragm-type compressor MK120-120/350

Diaphragm-type compressor (pc.3, 4) is intended for gas pressure build-up from 3,5 MPa (35 kgf/sm2) to 35 MPa (350 kgf/sm2)and is a machine of one-stage compression with two horizontal membrane racks and rocker type motion work. Main working node, in which gas compression takes place, is a membrane rack, acting as cylinder in compressor.

Membrane rack consists of retention and valve plates, between which membrane is constrained on the periphery, and stemware.

Internal surfaces of retention and valve plates have similar sag profiles, therefore between them closed cavity is formed. Membrane splits this cavity into two parts.

External part of cavity communicates through suction and pumping valves with the appropriate gas communications, and internal part of cavity through equally distributed opening in a plate distributive is connected with hydraulic cavity of stemware and fills with working fuel.

When spinning a crankshaft, spin motions with the help of spinning mechanism alters into pistonwise motion of crank rods, which, affecting on working fluid in membrane racks hydraulic cavities, cause membranes' oscillatory motion relative to their fixturing flatness. By this way, in gas cavities of membrane racks happen suction and pumping processes alternatively.