ООО «Завод СпецМаш» At the present time OOO ‘‘Factory SpecMach’’ manufactures product in 2 directions: military and civilian equipment, settable on the base of vehicle chassis of URAL, KAMAZ, GAZ, ZIL. Overall size of workers is about 100 people. Enterprise is headed by General Director.

Main structural departments of enterprise:

  • Business manager service

(Supply and procurement logistics department (SPLD), sales department (SD), economic planning department (EPD), book-keeping);

  • Technical manager service

(Technical department (TD), production);

  • Quality unit

Производство средств войскового ремонта для авиации(Technical oversight department (TOD), quality control department (QCD).

Enterprise ООО ‘‘Factory SpecMach’’ has closed system process, which starts on the stage of harvesting operations and ends at the assembly of a good on vehicles chassis and conducting bearer and acceptance trials.

Enterprise has powerful technical base and broad manufacturing capacities. Enterprise manufacturing base includes:

  • paintwork area;
  • thermal area;
  • hydraulic unit area;
  • mechanical area;
  • blank section;
  • welding area;
  • metalwork area;
  • metalwork-assembly area;
  • Производство спецтехникиtrial area.

Peculiarity of ООО ‘‘Factory SpecMach’’ is flexibility and quick reaction on changes in business — among market of special-purpose vehicles.

Renewal and modernization process of industrial and technical enterprise base moves on.

Main directions of investment are technical re-equipment and modernization of enterprise productive capacities to improve the productivity and working conditions, and most of all – quality of the products.

Enterprise ООО ‘‘Factory SpecMach’’ is not only special equipment manufacturer, but also its developer. Enterprise technical department deals with both commercial parts modernization, and development of new ones. Development of new parts is made on the base of technical task (ТЗ), coordinated with the client.

Военная техникаEnterprise basis is its work community, including both experienced highly qualified and young specialists.