Industrial base ООО ‘‘Factory SpecMach’’ is equipped in world class, gives a possibility to carry out almost all types of work for manufacturing ground-support equipment of aircraft of the declared nomenclature.

There is a park of universal and specialized machines for conducting lathe, milling, drilling, polishing and forge-and-press works, metal stripping of any complexity. These includes:

  • 4-axis vertical milling manufacturing centre МС/-500 (ЗМЕС, South Korea);
  • turning centres c РL_-1600М (Samsung, South Korea);
  • turning centres РL—155 (smec, South Korea);
  • plasma cutting machine with CNC PfP—1;
  • lathes with CNC 16ГС25Ф3С3ГКМ;
  • lathes with CNC 16ГС25Ф3СЗГК1С;
  • sheet-bending machine ЛГМ 4х2,5 with CNC;
  • beam drill АС 2540;
  • vertical milling machine FSS 450 МР.

Enterprise has thread-cutting lathes CU730 (Болгария), log bandsaw machines SD350АV (Germany), roll-bending machine, three-roll, zigzag machine, sheet-bending press, hydraulic press, alligator-guillotine shears, vertical-drilling machines, bending machine, bench-drilling machines, semiautomatic grinding machine for drills, mills and cutters.

Welding production is complemented with modern energy-saving welding equipment, working in pulse mode, allowing to economy electricity and provide conducting of qualified welding connections. It is used by semi-automatic welders PowerTec 305С РКО-К14057-1 (Lincoln Electric, USA), Fox Weld inver Mig, 253, Fox weld Tig 303 АС/DC Рulse, PRO TIG, Pedro intec М18-3500.

Applying paint-and-lacquer coating at units, details, ready products is carried out with liquid paint-and-lacquer materials and powder spraying. Polymerization chamber is used for powder spraying.

For providing the enterprise with necessary pressure of compressed air compressor-screw plant АСО-ВК, air dryer of refrigerating type ОВ-360М and unified compressor plant УКС-400В are used.

Heat-treatment cell allows conducting any types of heat-treatment materials in the air with the use of batch furnace 120/12—И1.
There is a constant climate chamber М-800 for conducting necessary climatic tests.

At enterprise there is a great number of benchs, gadgets and tools, developed and manufactured with the strength of specialists ООО ‘‘Factory SpecMach’’.

For example, for manufacturing Unified engine heater UMP—350 используется 26 types of own manufacturer equipment is used, and for manufacturing Self-propelled platform plant SPO-15М — 34 types of own manufacturer equipment is used.

Among testing equipment of enterprise ООО ‘‘Factory SpecMach’’:

  • process plant for trials of hydraulic ram 8АТ-9907-00;
  • process plant (load bank) for trials APA- 5DM, APA-5DM-100 and other sources of power supply for getting
  • detailed characteristics of produced electricity;
  • process plant for trials of HYDRAULIC PUMPS and hydraulic system CLEANUP FROM admixtures;
  • process plant for trials (breaking-in) of compressor MK 120-120/350;
  • and others.

In hydraulic area of enterprise bench СРЦ-РСЧ is used for assembly-disassembly and testing works on hydraulic cylinders.

Manufacturing of modern ground-supply equipment for aircraft is IMPOSSIBLE without use of means non-distructive testing and diagnostics. To this end our enterprise uses:

  • universal static hardness gage of first Class HBRVU-187,5 (Time Group Inc‚ China);
  • video endoscope Jprobe (Japan).