Mobile station for measuring instruments calbiration MSMIC

MSMIC is intended for conducting different types of metrology service group works in a vertification of measuring instruments (MI), exploiting units of Customer in permanent deployment places, as well as diagnosing, accounting, storage and cataloging of data received about measuring instruments with the help of specialized computer software (SW).

Mobile station will provide conducting of the following works:

  • - calibration of radio-technical and radioelectronic values measuring instruments;
  • - calibration of electrical and magnetic values measuring instruments;
  • - calibration of pressure and depression measuring instruments;
  • - calibration of medical purpose measuring instruments;
  • - mass calibration;
  • - calibration of stream, level, value and substance consumption of measuring instruments;
  • - calibration of special use measuring instruments;
  • - other types of work of running maintenance and technical service of measuring instruments.

System is designed for operation in temperate zones under conditions:

  • - temperature range of ambient air– from minus 40 °С to 50 °С (measurement error no more than 1 °С);
  • - high humidity (98±2) % at temperature (35±2) °C;
  • - low air pressure no more than 60 kPa;
  • - precipitation intensity no more than 180 mm/h;
  • - medium wind velocity no more than 25 m/s.