Geophysical log-processing laboratory GLL

Laboratory GLL on the base of KAMAZ-5350 chassis is intended for delivery oil-and-gas extraction geophysical equipment to the wells, treatment in place of well inspection results, as well as residence for 3-4 days of gang (service personnel) up to 4 people in laboratory van body, providing with adequate comfort level when in-the-field operation, self-propelled transportation by the way, designed on the passing of vehicles with axle load up to 100kN (10kf), as well as in the place and conditions of impassability, in the same climatic zones, that are given for basic chassis.

Laboratory is designed for operation at ambient air temperature from minus 50 to plus 40ºС, relative air humidity to 75% at temperature plus 15ºС, low atmospheric pressure, relevant altitude to 4000m above sea level, precipitation intensity to 3 mm/min, dust to 1,0 g/m³ and wind speed to 20 m/sec.

Geophysical log-processing laboratory is equipped with special high-performance technology complex and is intended for geophysical service assistance, on the required scale of enterprises and organizations providing exploratory, prospecting and production drilling of oil-and-gas wells on the territory of Russia.