Electrohydraulic plant EGU-50/210 HYDRAULIC JACK 8AT-9907-00 for helicopter of type MI-8 
Hydraulic jacks 8AT-9907-00 are intended for ascending helicopter in disassembly and assembly of chassis shock absorber struts, their charge, helicopter rigging. They are also used for other operations, connected with helicopter ascending. Hydraulic jack consists of farm, hydro cylinder with tank, pump with handle and pipelines. Every hydraulic jack's set includes case for protecting it from precipitations and mechanical damages while storage.
Denominative parameter Value
Carrying capacity 5000 kg
Maximum height 1430 mm
Minimum height 565 mm
Working fluid volume 5,5 l
Working fluid AMG-10 GOST 6794-53
Working pressure 130 kgf/sm2
Hydraulic ram 690 mm
Ventilating fan screw 200 mm
Weight of hydraulic jack filled with working fluid 50±1kg