Control repair laboratory KRL

CRL-AE is intended for radiation and navigation equipment with electric power plant of a type ESD-30/400.

CRL-PMW is intended for conducting metalwork-mechanical works on a glider and equipment of aircrafts and helicopters.

CRL-EC (AE) is intended for conducting in-the-field maintenance works and repairs on aggregates of helicopters and aircraft engines.

CRL-AS is intended for conducting in-the-field maintenance works of instrumental, oxygen and altitude equipment and aggregates of aircraft and helicopter electronic mechanization.

CRL-AS-E is intended for conducting in-the-field maintenance of electronics and microelectronics, as well as charge, service support and maintenance of aircrafts and helicopters onboard batteries.

CRL-MS is intended for conducting maintenance works and repair of avionic electronics, radio altimeter, and their antenna systems, recorders and voice information reporting systems, compass locators, marker beacon receiver and their antenna systems.

CRL-MSS is intended for conducting Doppler velocity and drift gauge and their antenna systems, radio communication and other airborne avionics.