CisternCW-1,2 is intended for transporting industrial and drinking water, as well as non-aggressive fluids on all types of ways and in field conditions.

Trailer is made performed by ''U'' category I from GOST 15150-69 and is designed for operation at ambient air temperature from 45 to plus 40°С and relative air humidity up to 80% at plus 20°С.

Cistern is manufactured on the base of trailer IAPЗ-738, PTC-1,7 equipment and coloring is made in agreement with customer.

Water tank volume is 1200 l, which filling is carried out with the help of forcer R 0,8/30,with performance of 40-50 l/min.

Trailer is intended for operation with motor transports, roller tractors of classes 1,4-3,0, having equipped weight more than 3850 kg and hitch-mechanism enabling from GOST 3481, as well as cables for electrical equipment connection from GOST 9200.