Aviation electroconversion aggregates AEMG-50M1, AEMG-60/30M1

Aggregate AEMG-50М1 is intended for on-the-ground electrical starting of aircraft's engines in mode 24V and 24/48V, as well as for on-the-ground charge of electrical apparatus with direct current of 28,5V voltage, with single-phase alternating current of 115V voltage and 400Hz frequency and three-phase alternating current of 36V voltage, 400Hz.

Aggregate AEMG-60/30M1 is intended for charging consumers with three-phase alternating current of 400Hz frequency, 208V voltage and single-phase alternating current of 400Hz frequency and 120V voltage.

Aggregate works from three-phase alternating current mains of 50Hz frequency and 380V voltage with ungrounded neutral system.

Aggregate is designed for continuous work in all weather conditions at ambient air temperature from minus 500С to 500С and allows transportation by concrete and asphalt roads at 60 km/h speed, and by dirt, cobblestone and gravel roads at 30 km/h speed.

AEMG-50M1: Direct current transducer type MG-600х2M, single-phase alternating current transducer type PO-6000, three-phase alternating current transducer type PT-1000CS

AEMG-60/30: three-phase alternating current transducer type VPL-50.

AEMG-60/30M1: three-phase alternating current transducer type PCh-60.