Autoclubs AK-03 and PAK-07

Autoclubs АК-03 and PAK-07 are intended for holding mass-cultural events, meetings, briefings, in-the-field works of leaflet teams.

AK-03 includes basic vehicle KAMAZ-43118, special equipment, transformable body with lifter-roof tank and movable stage.

PAK-07 apart from the main autoclub includes trailer for transporting additional equipment.

Roof lifting of AK-03 autoclub is made by chassis pneumatic system, PAK-07 – with the help of hydraulic forcer. Conducting different variants are possible upon the request of customer.

Can be mounted on the base of vehicles KAMAZ, URAL, GAZ.

Autoclub set includes various illuminating, special sound and video hardware, which completeness and configuration depends on customer's requests.