Air servicer VZ-20-350

Air servicer VЗ-20-350 is a mobile refiller plant mounted on a separate frame and placed on the platform of vehicle URAL-43206.

Air servicer is intended for filling up consumers with air at ambient air temperature from -40 to +50°С and relative air humidity at +35°С to 98±2%.












Denominative parameterValue
Basic vehicle typeURAL-43206
Cylinders quantity20 pc
Cylinder type40-350L
Cylinder capacity40 l
Maximum pressure in cylinder350 kgf/sm2

Air pressure, given by refiller

to consumer

R1 = 0÷30 kgf/ sm2

Р3 = 55÷85 kgf/sm2                                            R4 = 85÷120 kgf/sm2

R5 = 130÷230 kgf/sm2

R6 = 320 kgf/sm2

Dryer cylinder capacity4 l
Dryer cylinder quantity2 pc
Zeolite mass in a cylinder2,5 kg

Refiller overall dimensions without vehicle URAL, no more:



height (with lamp)

3 300 mm

1 900 mm

835 mm (1005 mm)

Refiller overall dimensions with chassis, no more:



height (along cabin)

7 570 mm

2 500 mm

2 600 mm

Refiller mass, no more:

without vehicle and air

with vehicle and air

2 445 kg

10 330 kg

Trimming along axles of vehicle in stowed position:

On front axle

On back axle

4 490 kg

5 840 kg

Refiller speed of motion:

On highway

On dirt road

to 50 km/h

to 30 km/h

Estimated fuel consumption on 100 km way32 l
Flexibility dimension 02-EMFits
Assigned lifetime10 years